Are Tennis Balls Safe?

There is nothing that can be more enjoyable to do with a black german shepherd or black german shepherds, just in case you have more than one dog, than play some fetch with your furry pal. One of the most used toys that you can play a game of fetch with is the tennis ball, which is a favorite for your german shepherd dog. With that being said, the question we are going to be taking a look at today is this…are these balls safe for your friend?

Let us start off answering the question with something everybody should know heading into this, the tennis ball is a truly safe toy for your dog to be playing fetch with. However, these balls can become dangerous for your dog if it starts breaking apart, which is something that can happen as your furry friend plays with the ball more and more. If your dog rips apart the tennis ball, then you need to get rid of that ball right away, but if the ball remains intact, then you will have nothing to worry as you enjoy those games of fetch with your black german shepherd with each day that goes by.