Information About German Shepherd Dogs

German shepherds are dogs that are of German origin and are dogs that are intelligent and responsive. They are often used as guide dogs for the blind and are also used in police work. Black German shepherds are beautiful and so smart!

There are pros and cons of shepherd dogs. Examples of pros are: loving and loyal, sensitive, sweet, kind, playful and highly intelligent. Other pros are they are beautiful and athletic and protective. The black German shepherd makes a wonderful guard dog.

The cons of a shepherd dog are: they are somewhat nervous and they have a tendency to bark too much. In addition, some are scared of the German shepherd dog; they require a lot of exercise, are prone to a variety of health problems and if mistreated, can react quite aggressively. Shepherd dogs make great guard dogs, provide help to the blind and if treated well, will be forever loyal to you. They  also show love and respect for their owners.

To conclude, these dogs have many fine qualities; however,  they also have some negative qualities. On the whole, they make a great pet and are loyal, sensitive and sweet. Find out more about this topic from the many fine articles on the Internet and from former owners of these dogs.